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Data Network Installation Specialists

Here at JFC Systems - the leaders in Data Network Installation – we design, install and support data and security systems that uphold traditional values, whilst embracing the latest, ever-changing technology. It is in the very DNA of our business that we strive to assure our customers that they are never alone in managing their systems.

Since 2000, the teams at JFC Systems have worked side by side to deliver quality through understanding the people we work with and for. Our aim has always been to help our customers establish their needs in order to accomplish their goals with regard to the systems around their businesses. Having started as an integrator of data and communications systems, the business has evolved along with technological advances to provide, among others, Data Network Installation, Voice & Data, WiFi (including “guest” WiFi systems for offering WiFi to the public), and Security solutions that can either stand alone, or run as a fully integrated system.

Indeed, with the huge evolution of IP based technologies, management of systems is easier than ever for our customers. The systems we install provide a means by which our customers can manage and support any location in the world that has an internet connection, as if it were in the next room. Whether it’s a data network, managing customers’ demographics on a public WiFi system, or monitoring a security facility, at JFC Systems we work with customers to create a solution that works.

The introduction of Cloud Computing to everyday business life means that the systems on which they operate are more critical than ever. Our customers need to know that once installed, reliability, both in performance and functionality, is assured. With that in mind, our broadband service provides guaranteed bandwidth onto the internet, where standard connections will fluctuate as other users in the area compete for their chunk of what bandwidth is available.

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